Dark Avenger 3


Behind the scenes of “Dark Avenger 3” – with vocal recordings by Dynamedion.


South Korean developer and publisher NEXON together with Boolean Games announced the release date of their upcoming action role-playing game “Dark Avenger 3” with vocal recordings by Dynamedion.

“Dark Avenger 3”, developed by  NEXON‘s subsidiary Boolean Games, is the latest episode of the popular mobile action franchise Dark Avenger, which has more than 35 million downloads worldwide. It will be playable on iOS and Google Play in Korea in July 2017 and enter the global world market soon.

Conny Kollet lent her beautiful voice to the game music which gives a “cinematic” and “operatic” touch to the music.

Enjoy watching the behind the scenes video with the song title “A Journey of Agony” produced by ASTERIA (NECORD MUSIC) with vocals by Conny Kollet.

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