Lead Composer Alex Röder and Project Manager Felix Diekhake reveal some insights into their work for the highly anticipated mobile game: composing music and, uhm, screaming their lungs out (more on that later).


Heroes of Incredible Tales (short: HIT) is an emerging Unreal Engine 4 mobile game published by NEXON, the worldwide leader in free to play mobile games in Korea. The developer NAT GAMES specializes in creating high quality mobile role-playing experiences. Yong-Hyun Park is the founder of NAT GAMES and renowned lead designer behind Lineage and TERA two of the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

The new HIT RPG coming this summer is already breaking records as the fastest growing game in Korea. Since the game was launched in November 2015 it achieved over 5 million downloads up until now, which means that a mind blowing ten percent of the whole Korean population are now playing the game. Chances are, you are not in Korea right now. We have good news for you: Heroes of Incredible Tales is now available in 140 countries and is playable in 10 different languages. The exciting and fascinating action-experience is augmented with innovative graphics for mobile devices.


The collaboration with NAT GAMES was especially great. Exciting projects are always an inspiration for our daily work. Lead composer Alex Röder gives us some insights:


“The cooperation with NAT GAMES was very easy-going. The developer knew what he wanted and we quickly reached the goal. Moreover the communication was very friendly! Heroes of Incredible Tales has a lot of players and the user-numbers continue to grow steadily, which means our music will be accessible to a wide public. My part was to compose the lobby music – the music you can hear when you click through the different menus. The menus change with the game process and this change is reflected in the music. There are four different times of day which have all their own music. I am very satisfied with the result. It was a lot of fun working for the HIT project and I guess the music fits perfectly.”

Alex Röder (Lead Composer)


When you play you can choose from a class of four characters: Maybe you pick the guy with a giant sword or you decide in favor of the sexy lady with her scythe. 200 incredible and challenging levels await you to go through the simple but lightning fast attacks in gratifying battles. What makes Heroes of Incredible Tales unique and rewarding is the blend of intense action and deep customization.

Felix loves to scream – and this time he could run riot giving his full voice power to let the male character do the fight of his life!


“Working on Project Hit was great – NATGames’ Chief Sound Director Brian Ahn was an absolute pleasure to work for! First and foremost he had a very clear musical vision for the project which made working on HIT very inspiring for us.
The icing on the cake for me were the vocals we recorded: it turns out I had just the voice they wanted for the male character, so on top of writing emails and briefing composers I got to scream my heart out in front of a microphone for a few hours – and that is something I always enjoy.”

Felix Diekhake (Project Manager)

Don´t miss out on the HIT Announcement Trailer and getting a glimpse into the action for yourself:

Working with HIT was another experience that simply showed us how great it is to work with international teams. If you are about to embark on your own adventure and could use our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!