Enter a colorful game world and celebrate MapleStory’s 5000th day’s anniversary with us.

완료MapleStory Symphony in Budapest 앨범 커버

South-Korean developer and publisher NEXON released a row of amazingly inspiring videos of the orchestra recordings for the 5000th day’s anniversary of their highly successful game MapleStory – which were produced by DYNAMEDION in Budapest / Hungary.

Together with NEXON we travelled to Budapest and recorded several tracks for the MapleStory universe. Most of them were remakes of the amazing songs from the MapleStory world. The remakes were done by the artist group “ASTERIA“ and the singer “EUNTO“.  “ASTERIA” belongs to NEXON’S game music label “NECORD”, which stands for “NEXON Records”.

The songs will be used in-game for a short period to celebrate the 5000th day’s anniversary. This DYNAMEDION live  ORCHESTRA RECORDING SESSION was not just like any other: we recorded 11 symphonic MapleStory scores with a gigantic ensemble of 88 musicians, all recorded in sections. Recording strings, brass and woodwinds separately gave maximum flexibility in the mixing process.

MapleStory is a free MMORPG that is highly successful on the international market. The player experiences an epic adventure as a mighty hero and teams up with other online players to conquer perilous dungeons and to defeat terrifying enemies. As it’s an RPG, players can interact with other players around the world on many levels like chatting, trading and playing mini games within the steadily growing community.

The whole ORCHESTRA RECORDING SESSION experience was filmed by the NEXON video team. As you can see in the videos further below, they did a fantastic job! Enjoy watching the behind-the-scenes material and listen to the sweet melodies and lush arrangements. Visit NECORD’S YouTube channel to see more performances of pieces from the MapleStory world.

The fantastic MapleStory anniversary edition music isn’t meant to be heard only in the game itself: if you love these MapleStory recordings as much as we do, you can download the digital album here.

It was a huge pleasure to dive into the colorful musical world of MapleStory and we are happy we had the chance to be part of this beautiful NEXON project.

See you soon, your Dynamedion-Team