Dynamedion wins Develop Award for “Best Music Design”


“Total War: WARHAMMER” with music composition, orchestra and choir recordings by Dynamedion wins develop award 2017 for “Best Music Design”.


We are happy to announce that Dynamedion is among the winners of the British develop awards 2017 for “Best Music Design” for our contribution to the “Total War: WARHAMMER” soundtrack.

Together with Audio Director Richard Beddow, Ian Livingstone & Tim Wynn, our Lead Composer Tilman Sillescu (Production Assistants: Matthias Wolf and Armin Haas) composed one hour of orchestral music for Creative Assemblys‘ award winning strategy game. The soundtrack was recorded with the Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra, choir and many ethnic soloists.


Enjoy listening to this battle track written by Tilman Sillescu:

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