Hitman 2


Hitman 2 Agent 47 Silencer Dynamedion

Dynamedion Backs Up Agent 47 With Additional Music Composition

Project: Hitman 2

Client: IO Interactive

We Did: additional music composition


Dynamedion worked collaboratively with IO Interactive for their newest member of the Hitman series: Hitman 2. The seventh entry of the video game series continues where Hitman left off in 2016 and features a new cooperative multiplayer mode titled Sniper Assassin. Dynamedion now proudly announces its participation in additional music composition.

After contributing to Hitman (2016) and Hitman Absolution, Dynamedion now added to the most recent release of the popular stealth video game series. In total, half a dozen of Dynamedion’s composers worked industriously in additional music composition.

Our Senior Sound Designer and Project Manager Felix Diekhake gave us some insight into the project:

“We did custom diegetic for several scenes. After Hitman kept us busy with Italian Pop, Moroccan Hip Hop, Dub, A Virtual Band (The Class) and Swedish Baroque music, we now had the pleasure to delve into Dance Music, Kitschy Synth Pop, Indian Bollywood music and Cumbia.

The latter was a little challenging, as the music needed to be fit a scene where a live band is frequently interrupted – we delivered several stems, transitions and stops so the IOI team had enough material to create an interactive live experience.

As usual, the briefings and references from IOI were concise and to the point – and their choice of music challenging and fun.

The music was composed by Matthias Wolf, Armin Haas, Marvin Hartmann, Björn Obermann-Berger and Severin Schwarz. Hindi lyrics and Vocals were written and performed by Atif Afzal.”

Felix Diekhake


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