“THE LION’S SONG”  (MI’PU’MI GAMES) with music composition, sound design and music production by Dynamedion wins the GERMAN DEVELOPERS’ AWARD  for “Best Indie Game 2016”


Congratulation to Mi’pu’mi Games  and the whole team for such a great prize! Project Manager and Senior Sound Designer Felix Diekhake and the CEO of Mi’pu’mi Games Gregor Eigner about the collaboration:


“We were surprised and thrilled to hear that the protagonist of the first episode would be a composer – and we knew immediately that the music for a game like this would have to be something else. Gregor and his team came to us with a strong musical vision: not only would the music have to convey a range of intense emotions from loneliness and loss to elation and bliss, it would also tie into the game’s storyline itself and develop over the course of the game based on the player’s choices, working as a signal for inspiration and, ultimately, feedback and reward for completion of the game. While the game is set in the early 20th century, the team felt they would like to contrast the historical setting with some more modern sounding elements in the music. Finally, they asked us for a layered approach, with a unified mood theme that would work as the background music throughout the episode, and three different layers to fit the mood theme that would indicate sources of inspiration during the game and serve as the closing theme, with the tone of the music depending on the choices the player made. Creating the soundtrack was a long and winding (and occasionally bumpy) road. But at the end we were rewarded with a soundtrack we are immensely proud of for a game we hugely enjoyed playing. Mi’pu’mi is a wonderful team that it’s a great pleasure to work for and with and the experience made us look all the more forward to both playing and composing music for Episode 2 of The Lion’s Song – which we meanwhile did.”

Felix Diekhake (Project Manager & Senior Sound Designer, Dynamedion)


“THE LION’S SONG is an episodic narrative game about four creative minds. Since the main character of the first episode is a composer it was key that the music would reflect the struggle with inspiration. We had productive meetings where we discussed the game, the game story and our referenced ideas for the game. Dynamedion understood to come back with audio previews really quickly. We had a short finding phase to get the actual music production on track. Dynamedion did an excellent job to give birth to a fantastic audio landscape and supported all changes that we requested perfectly. After our collaboration on the first episode, we are eager to evolve this partnership on our future episodes for THE LION’S SONG.” 

Gregor Eigner (CEO, Mi’pu’mi Games)

Enjoy the Lion’s Song Concert Medley with music by Dynamedion.

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