Dynamedion wins Global Music Award for “Best Game Music”


“Champions of Anteria” with orchestra, choir, soloist recordings and music compositions by Dynamedion wins Global Music Award 2016 for “Best Game Music”.


We are happy to announce that Dynamedion is among the Gold Medal Winners of the Global Music Award 2016 for “Best Game Music” for our contribution to the “Champions of Anteria” Soundtrack. We also want to congratulate Jeff Broadbent, who composed the other half of the soundtrack and whose tireless efforts and great work further enriched working on this fun project a lot! And of course congratulations to our team of composers Tilman Sillescu, Alexander Röder, Henning Nugel and Jochen Flach!

Maybe you are curious to learn more about our work in “Champions of Anteria”? In this article we find out what the intention behind the soundtrack was and how our composers mastered the challenge. Oh and you can check out the “Champions of Anteria” Demo Trailer as well here.