League of Legends – EU Masters Spring Season 2021


Big sounds for big tournaments. The LEC, the League of Legends European Championship, released new trailers to hype up their spring 2021 tournament.

Featuring sound design and audio mixed by Dynamedion, the trailers built anticipation and captivated fans from across the world.

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 (Credits: Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games)

Project: League of Legends – Spring Split 2021 / EU Masters Spring Season 2021

Client: Riot Games Berlin / “All Or Nothing” Trailer – YUNG ELDR

We Did: Sound Design, Audio Mix


The LEC hosted their annual Spring Split in a new online only edition. Releasing several trailers, they were able to build the excitement of fans all over Europe who were ready to tune into their YouTube channel. Dynamedion’s Benjamin Drumeaux did the sound design for the trailer for the semi-final game between the teams G2 and Rogue as well as the sound design and mix for this trailer and video about the tournament’s most-valuable player, G2’s Martin “Rekkles” Larsson.  

“It was important to me to create a cinematic experience through sound design to arouse the emotions of the consumers, as LEC is very much about emotions and hype,” Benjamin said. “Also it’s important in such short trailers to keep the consumer’s attention all the time so that they end up saying, “Wow! I enjoyed watching that!’”

Just a few days later, the LEC released a fantastic new trailer announcing the 7th European Masters tournament. Dynamedion also did the sound design and mix and showcased the unearthly and abnormal sounds of our BOOM Libraries SFX. This track was also featured on the League of Legends Main Menu. 

When asked where Benjamin sourced many of the sounds he used, he replied: “I mainly used sound from our two new collections, MUTATE ORGANIC and NEON, as they are very suitable for creating cinematic sound design.”  

Our involved team:

Sound Designer: Benjamin Drumeaux

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