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Born in Durban, South Africa. Tristan completed an Honours Degree in Electro-Acoustic Music at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in 2003. Establishing Arcadia Sound in 2007, an Audio Post Production and Sound Design facility based in Durban. He has worked across various formats including advertising, film, game audio, music production, radio and theatre productions. In 2013 he became a contributing Sound Designer and Field Recordist for Boom Library.  Later becoming a part of the Dynamedion team.

Tristan’s focus on expressiveness and detail drives him to create engaging sounds. Using a combination of discerning sound selection, field recording, foley performance and digital manipulation to create characterful sounds and engrossing soundscapes.


  • ARK
  • Dämonicon



  • Killer Hornets
  • Throne of the Mountain Baboon
  • Return of the Lion Kings
  • Born To Run
  • Lizard King
  • Incredible Spiders
  • Incredible Diggers
  • Incredible Gulpers
  • Incredible Bats
  • Keeping up with the Kandasamys
  • Vaya
  • To Skin a Cat
  • iCrocodile
  • Incredible Fangs
  • Incredible Fish
  • Incredible SpidersCrazy Monster Frogs
  • Predator Fails
  • African Predator Zone
  • Black Mamba: Kiss of Death
  • Great White Code Red
  • Ultimate Honey Badger
  • Speed Kills Black Lagoon
  • Speed Kills Desert
  • Snowpiercer
  • Speed Kills Jungle
  • Venom Islands
  • 31 Million Reasons
  • Oil on Water



  • RedBull • Out of Frame – Julian Molina
  • Virgin Lands • Asterix TV Spot
  • Virgin Lands • Asterix: Egypt TV Spot
  • DIFF • 2011 Festival Trailer
  • DIFF • 2010 Festival Trailer



  • NewFoundland (dir. Neil Coppen)
  • Abnormal Loads (dir. Neil Coppen)
  • Tree-boy (dir. Neil Coppen)
  • Animal Farm (dir. Neil Coppen)



  • BOOM Library: Cinematic Hits
  • BOOM Library: Medieval Weapons
  • BOOM Library: Historical Firearms
  • BOOM Library: Sci-Fi
  • BOOM Library: Magic
  • BOOM Library: Birds of Prey
  • BOOM Library: Horses
  • BOOM Library: Everyday Cars
  • BOOM Library: SUVs & VANs
  • BOOM Library: Trains
  • BOOM Library: Hot-Rod – Rev-Ups
  • BOOM Library: P51-Mustang
  • BOOM Library: Close Combat
  • BOOM Library: Destruction
  • SAFTA Award 2016
    “Best Achievement in Sound” for “Wildlife”
  • Windscreen PANDA Award 2014
    “Best Sound Design” Nominee