Simon was born in Donaueschingen, Baden-Württemberg, in 1986. Coming from a musical family, Simon  developed  an  early  interest  in  music.  He  started  taking  piano  lessons  at  the  age  of  6, followed by drums at the age of 9. Simon studied classical music (major: classical percussion and piano)  and  composition  for  media  (music  design)  in  Trossingen,  Germany.  During  his  studies  he developed an affinity for orchestral sample libraries enabling him to express his musical feelings in ways unlike before. This passion brought Simon to work for Dynamedion as part of an internship in  2018  and  he  has  continued  working  as  a  freelance  sample  library  developer  and  composer since then.

As a composer, Simon strives to create music with an immersive character for the listener to dive into.

Native Instruments: Mallet Flux
Sonuscore: Lyrical Violin Phrases
Sonuscore: Ethnic Flute Phrases
Sonuscore: Origins Vol. 3-6
Sonuscore/BestService: The Orchestra Complete
Sonuscore/BestService: Strings Of Winter
Sonuscore/BestService: Elysion