Pierre was born near Frankfurt / Germany. After years of playing in bands as a guitar player in his teens, he decided to take his studies in classical music at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz.

A few months before his final exams he met Tilman Sillescu in early 2000, Dynamedion was founded a few weeks later. In the first years of Dynamedion Pierre worked on basically every single bit of the job you can do as an audio person in the games business: music composition, sound design, audio integration, audio management, design of audio tool chains, recording, mixing, mastering, project management, etc.

As the thing grew and all the other guys joined in, Pierre focused more and more on the business side of things, leaving the creative work to the really focused experts.
His track record still is impressive – with compositions, sound effects and audio direction responsibility for projects like: SpellForce 1&2, Anno 1701, Settlers V & VI and music contributions to many TV & movie trailers.

Nowadays Pierre enjoys keeping in touch with all the different clients of Dynamedion, thinking up new product lines and business ideas to further expand the reach and prominence of Dynamedion and all related sub-labels such as BOOM Library, Sonic Liberty, Sonuscore .. and more to come.