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Patrice Börding was born in Münster, Germany on the 10th of July 1989. After finishing his studies Media Music at the ArtEZ conservatory in Enschede (NL) he started working as a recordist and sound designer for BOOM Library and Dynamedion in 2014. Since then he worked on a vast number of BOOM Library releases and on game titles such as Anno 2070 or Heros: Might & Magic VII.

Blending all kind of source material together to achieve a rich and unique sound as well as making a reliable and inventive approach is his strategy to come up with solid, new and complex sound design.




  • BOOM Library: Destruction
  • BOOM Library: Debris
  • BOOM Library: Virtual Foley Artist – Footsteps
  • BOOM Library: Cinematic Trailers Designed 2
  • BOOM Library: Cinematic Horror
  • BOOM Library: Cinematic Darkness
  • BOOM Library: Toons
  • BOOM Library: WWII Tanks
  • BOOM Library: Close Combat
  • BOOM Library: Silencers
  • BOOM Library: SUVs & Vans
  • BOOM Library: Horses
  • BOOM Library: Jet – Fly Bys
  • BOOM Library: P51 Mustang
  • German Game Developer Award 2015
    “Best Sound” nomination for music in “ANNO 2205”