Nico Dilz is a German composer and technical sound designer with a distinct love for video games and interactive audio structures.
He showed a huge interest in playing different styles of music at a very young age. Starting with the guitar, he collected experience in playing several instruments, wrote songs for his school band and spent more than ten years playing secular, medieval and church music with the Ensemble “Cantores Minores – Dä Speellüü uut Emmerstidde” under the direction of Joachim Wahl.
As a fan of films, Nico wanted to dive into composition and in 2018 he obtained the “Bachelor of Music” for studying “Media Music – Composition for Films and Games” at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede, Netherlands.
Over the course of this four year study, which included a six month internship at Dynamedion, he did not only increase his skills in terms of composition and sound design, but also discovered his fascination for video game audio and finally specialized in the creation and implementation of adaptive audio solutions for interactive media.
Now, being able to combine the arts of composition, sound design and technology, Nico joined the team of Dynamedion to face the challenges of audio and interactive technology in sample libraries and high-end media productions.

Nico’s overall style really lies in tailoring musical colors and characteristic sound design for interactive playback systems to reach his final goal – setting the right mood at the right time.
As a composer Nico focuses on the possibilities of music in interactive storytelling. Sometimes it needs a whole orchestral firework to bring a story to life. But on other occasions it just needs a tiny melody, a little bit of texture, a small detail to make you a part of the story. Nico always aims to find those details.
And even though most of his soundtracks are based on orchestral and synthetic instruments, he is always ready to go beyond his comfort zone to help people tell their stories.

Video Games

– The Lighthouse – SAXION Enschede
– Yama and Hibagon
– Empires and Tribes – Teutonic Studios

– On the Edge (by Judith Ritsema)

Product Development
Sonuscore: Lyrical Vocal Phrases
Sonuscore: Lyrical Violin Phrases
Sonuscore: Origins Vol. 3+4
Sonuscore: The Orchestra
Sonuscore: Mallet Flux
Sonuscore: Origins Vol. 5 (Project Lead)