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Marvin Hartmann gained his first experiences as a news anchor for several radio stations. In the course of this career he received several inquiries regarding commercial advertisements, be it for his music or his voice.

The simultaneously passed studies in Mediascience additionally sharpened his sense for the complexity of the media cosmos. In the meantime his own alma mater booked him as guest lecturer to tell his fellow students about the art of telling stories through audio.

In the course of his entire career he supervised numerous ad and film campaigns, that reached out way above the german media landscape, thus gaining attention.

Marvin’s latest releases comprise soundtracks for commercials, films and games like „Kennel & Schmenger“, „DRK“ and „Hitman 2“, Voiceovers for brands like „Railnation“, „UCI Kinowelt“ and „Dachser Logistics“, Audio Editing for films like „Jennifer Rostock Bleibt.“ or „Ultimate Justice“.

Due to his longtime experience – in both music and voice acting – Marvin Hartmann delivers outstandingly tailored sonic worlds that will make your project come to life.

Trailer, Epic, Modern, Heavy Electronic, Minimal, Dubstep, Electronic Orchestral Crossover, Experimental Sounddesign

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