Henning was born in Dortmund, Germany. After years of playing keyboards and guitars in several bands, he joined forces with his brother Ingo and founded Nugel Bros. Music.

Focussing on music composition and sound design their portfolio included clients as EA Games, Funatics and Blue Byte and game titles like the well-loved „Settlers II – 10th Anniversary edition“. From very early on they collaborated with Dynamedion on several projects like „The Moment of Silence“ and „Darkstar One“.

After several years of working on solo projects including Ubisoft’s „Settlers – Rise of the Cultures“ and the composition of the orchestral themes for the Gamestar awards gala shows, Henning rejoined the Dynamedion team in early 2013. Henning can at times be seen playing fiddle and whistles together with his acoustic folk band An-Spiorad.

Henning enriches his compositions with the various instruments he plays (Piano, Violin, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Electric Bass, Irish Bouzouki, Ukulele, Irish whistles, Duduk, Shakuhachi, Saxoflute) and which make him an expert for medieval and folk styled projects.

Orchestral/Hybrid, Folk and Medieval, Dark Orchestral/Horror, Heavy Rock and Gritty Pop, soft Piano pieces, String Arrangements and a blend of all of the above