Dominik Morgenroth is a professional composer for Games & Media.

Dominik started to play the guitar at the age of 10 and soon became obsessed with music, especially Rock and Metal. During the following years he devoted himself to hours of practice. At the same time, Dominik discovered the beauty of classical music and started to take piano lessons.

In the late 90´s Dominik made his first steps in the exciting world of Home-Recording. He was so fascinated by the creative possibilities of arranging, sequencing and mixing that he decided to study Audio-Engineering at the SAE-Institute.

In 2002 Dominik was accepted at the University of Music Nürnberg-Augsburg where he studied the Classical Guitar. After graduating in 2006 , he studied for another year at the renowned University of Music in Munich.

In 2009 Dominik teamed up with Daniel Pharos to found the Knights of Soundtrack. In the following years he wrote and produced music for dozens of video-games, covering every musical style you can think of. One of his first works, „A new Beginning“, was awarded „Best German Soundtrack 2010“. 

In 2015 Dominik left the „Knights“ to join Dynamedion as a full member, for which he had already worked loosely since 2010.

Dominik is a true musician playing several instruments like the classical and electric guitar, piano and keys, cello and percussions. He´s always striving to make his next composition his best one yet.

He now works for several renowned music libraries with worldwide placements and of course as a composer for Dynamedion.

Being a versatile guitar-player Dominik covers the world of stringed instruments like few others. His collection of instruments from different ages and regions is growing steadily.

He´s an expert for all kinds of modern styles like Pop, Rock and Metal but also knows how to get that ethnic or historic vibe into his productions using e.g. Spanish Guitars, Mandolin, Lute or Banjo.

Dominik is also a passionate composer of epic and emotional orchestral themes. His music is always deep and touching, more often than not with a dark or tragic vibe. His favorite musical genres are Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. He also likes to mix orchestral colours with modern electronic elements to give his compositions that current hybrid edge.

But also the subtle and decent underscore is part of Dominik´s reportoire. During game-play, the music is often supposed to „not stand out“, only supporting visuals and story in an unobtrusive way. Dominik knows how to craft those tracks with elegance and finesse.

  • A new Beginning – Daedalic Ent./Deep Silver (Germany)
  • The Dark Eye (DSA): Chains of Satinav – Daedalic Ent./Deep Silver (Germany)
  • The Dark Eye (DSA): Memoria – Daedalic Ent./Deep Silver (Germany)
  • The Dark Eye (DSA): Blackguards – Daedalic Ent./Deep Silver (Germany)
  • Dungeons – Realmforge/Kalypso (Germany)
  • Dark  – Realmforge/Kalypso (Germany)
  • Risen 2 – Piranha Bytes/Deep Silver (Germany)
  • Tribal Wars 2 – Innogames (Germany)
  • Bigfarm – Goodgame (Germany)
  • Sengoku – Paradox Interactive (Sweden)
  • Blood Knights – Deck 13 (Germany)
  • Skylancer – Chimera Entertainment/ Games in Flames (Germany)
  • Wimmelburg – Ravensburger Digital (Germany)
  • Emergency 5 – Deep Silver (Germany)
  • The Lost Shapes – Rockabyte / Dreamfab (Germany)
  • Hoppetee! – Birgit Stock / Chimera Entertainment (Germany)
  • German Game Developer Award 2010
    “Best German Soundtrack 2010″ for “A New Beginning”