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Byron is a BAFTA winning sound designer with over 10 years experience. Before this he studied at the London college of Music and Media in London, where he completed a Ba Hons degree in music technology.

Byron started his career working as a location sound recordist for UK mainstream broadcasters like the BBC, ITV Channel 4 and Sky. He quickly became involved in post production and delved into the game industry where his work can be found on award winning high profile titles like Alien Isolation and the Need For Speed Franchise. Byron is an experienced sound designer that works across a multitude of formats from long-form to short-form, games to VR and everything in-inbetween. These days Byron can be found working on anything from a television advert, game cutscene, VR experience, game development, documentary, film and more.

Byron very much adapts his style to what ever the project needs. Whether that be big heavy trailer sound design or something with subtly and emotion. Byron is as at home delving into synthesis and plugin chains as he is on location multi-tracking cars or collecting sounds for an immersive jungle sound scape.


  • Breakaway • Amazon Games
  • Injustice 2 •  Nether Realm
  • Total War – Warhammer • Creative Assembly
  • Total War – Arena • Creative Assembly
  • Total War Attila DLC • Creative Assembly
  • Alien Isolation • Creative Assembly
  • Need For Speed – Most Wanted • Electronic Arts
  • Need For Speed – The Run • Electronic Arts
  • Need for Speed – Hot Pursuit • Electronic Arts



  • Sleeping Dogs • Feature Film Supervising
  • On The Road • Feature Film
  • Who Is Dayani Crystal • Feature Documentary
  • Henry The 9th • Feature Film
  • Sid Vicious My way • Documentary
  • British Super Bikes • Documentary



  • Time Commanders • Broadcast
  • Mass Affect Andromeda • Launch Trailer Sound Designer
  • Mafia 3 • Online Trailer Sound Designer
  • Forza Horizon 3 • Porsche Trailer Sound Designer
  • Total War Warhammer • World Wide Marketing Campaign Supervising
  • Total War Arena • World Wide Marketing Campaign Supervising
  • Amber Run • Music Video
  • Total War – Attila • World Wide Marketing Campaign Supervising
  • Total War Rome 2 • DLC Trailers online
  • Alien Isolation • World Wide Marketing Campaign Supervising
  • Beyond Two Souls • Trailers broadcast
  • God Of War Ascension • Trailers broadcast
  • Crysis 3 • Trailers online
  • Everyones gone to the Rapture • Trailers online
  • Pokemon X and Y • Trailers broadcast
  • Devil May Cry  • Trailers online
  • Ghost Recon Online • Trailers online
  • Need For Speed – Most Wanted • Trailers online
  • Need For Speed – Hot Pursuit • Trailers online



  • BOOM Library: Cinematic Trailers Designed 2
  • Restoration Roadshow • BBC (Transparent T.V)
  • Escape In Time • BBC
  • Celebrity Cash In The Attic • BBC (Leopard Films)
  • My Super Sweet 16 • Series 1&2 MTV
  • How To Look Good Naked • Channel 4 (Maverick)
  • Make My Body Younger • BBC (2:4 broadcast)
  • Britain’s Favourite View • ITV1 (Granada)
  • The One Show • BBC 1
  • BBC Breakfast and News 24 • BBC
  • International MASA Award 2016
    “Best Sound Design in Trailer and Promo” for “Total War: Warhammer CGI Release Trailer”
  • MASA Award 2016
    “Best Sound Design” in Trailer and Promo for “Total War: Warhammer CGI Release Trailer”
  • BAFTA Award 2015
    “Audio Achievment” for “Alien Isolation”
  • MASA Award 2015
    “Best Sound Design” for “Alien Isolation”
  • GANG Award 2015
    “Best Audio Mix” for “Alien Isolation”
  • DEVELOP Award 2015
    “Audio Accomplishment” for “Alien Isolation”
    “Best Audio” for “Alien Isolation”
  • SXSW Award 2015
    “Excellence in SFX” for “Alien Isolation”
    “Audio Of The Year” for “Alien Isolation”
  • BAFTA Award 2011
    “Best Multiplayer Game” for “Need for Speed Hot Pursuit”