As a musician and film/ game enthusiast, Andreas’ main interest is the interaction between music and visual arts.

He is joining his forces as manager of Dynamedion’s “We Love Indies” – program, where he is working on audio concepts and their realization together with the fresh source of inspiration in the entertainment industry – independent developers.

About eight years ago he fell in love with game scores from Anno and The Settlers and as a current (Indie-Game/Movie-) composer he contacted the responsible music studio Dynamedion.

Reaffirmed by this first glimpse into the work behind these wonderful projects, he studied “Musicology” in Austria, “Musicdesign” in Germany as well as “Music Technology” in Finland to prepare himself for the creative and technical demands of the market.

Becoming increasingly experienced in interactive audio through various projects and concerts, he found himself closing the circle and applying at long last at Dynamedion.

Picking up the idea of Dynamedions “We Love Indies” program to give something back to all the hard-working independent developers, filmmakers and other creative heads, he is now eager to find a way to enrich soulful creative and innovative projects with the high professional quality sound, which Dynamedion stands for.

Andreas musical spectrum includes smaller orchestral, hybrid and synthetic productions. He feels most comfortable in creating charming and characteristic game and film soundtracks with recognizable motives. His strength lies in finding a way to express the soul of a project in one unique theme. No matter if dramatic, cheeky, mysterious, trustworthy, smart, raw, unusual or just witty…

But he also has a faible for darker and thrilling styles as well as emotional and warm arrangements with ethnical influences.

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