Two games with Dynamedion’s services win German Computer Games Award


Two games DYNAMEDION has contributed his services to win the German Computer Games Award 2016 for “BEST GAME” and “BEST MOBILE GAME”


On the 7th of April 2016 the best games of the year were awarded with the German DCP (German Computer Games Award) award in Munich. The prize was awarded for the eighth time in 14 categories. More than 600 guests from the video game industry joined the event.


ANNO 2205 developed by BLUE BYTE and published by UBISOFT, with music, sound and audio integration plus orchestra recordings by Dynamedion, won the prize in the category “Best German Game”. Dynamedion had the pleasure to be involved in this great project. ANNO 2205 convinced with a great game design and new ideas.

Our mainly responsible sound designer David Osternacher about the collaboration:

David Osternacher, Sound Designer:
“Working on the legendary Anno franchise was an absolute career highlight for me. The team at Ubisoft Blue Byte crafted an amazing gaming experience of unprecedented scale, and asked us to make it whole with the beautiful music and epic sound it deserves. Our composers and sound designers joined forces to create a cinematic Sci-Fi soundscape, designed to completely immerse players in the cities they’re building in-game. The challenge didn’t end with content production though. The tremendous freedom that is awarded to the Anno players makes the game totally unpredictable, and thus the sound systems have to be incredibly flexible. The countless hours spent devising and tweaking these systems might make Anno 2205 the most difficult integration project I’ve ever done, but certainly also the most rewarding. Favorite production moment: flipping the proverbial switch after having integrated the first batch of sounds into the game, and hearing the world suddenly come alive.”

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The DCP award for “Best Mobile Game” went to PATH OF WAR published by ENVISION ENTERTAINMENT with music, sound and audio integration by Dynamedion. PATH OF WAR is a free to play strategy game and internationally successful. Our mainly responsible sound designer David Osternacher about the collaboration:

David Osternacher, Sound Designer:
“Path of War was a very different animal from Anno 2205. Envision Entertainment’s ambitious plan called for AAA sound quality, but within the severe technological restrictions of mobile platforms. Through the tireless work of Envision’s software developers, as well as some obsessive calculating and creative systems design on our part, Path of War got the thundering battle sounds and rebel-rousing guitar soundtrack it needed. And all that with a fidelity and variability at a level that is very, very rare in the genre.”

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