In celebration of the new Dead Island Definitive Collection released on the 31th of May 2016 we had the pleasure to produce a new Dead Island Reveal Trailer.


It is a tribute to the legendary Dead Island trailer which originally debuted 5 years ago. The official announcement trailer was published in 2011 and won a Gold Lion at the Cannes Advertising Festival in the category “Best Internet Film”. Down to the present day the video has been watched about 15 million times. Dynamedion worked on the new reveal trailer with music arrangement, music production and organized a wonderful team of professional musicians. The classical piano quintet charms its listeners with calm, melancholy and gently sounds. The tangent and sensitive melody is in the foreground and lends a distinctive character to the new trailer.

DEAD ISLAND developed by TECHLAND (Poland) and published by DEEP SILVER (Germany) is an action role-playing survival horror video game. The game’s atmosphere is remarkable – on a beautiful island called Banoi with white sand and a fabulous beach, the four main characters have to survive a plague that turned the other residents of the island into flesh-eating zombies. You have to fight your way through this horde of undead creatures and search for missing relatives, medication and foodstuff. You have only one aim: to survive!

The award-winning trailer and its extremely moving music, composed by Giles Lamb, have been reinterpreted in a wonderful video production by Eins Medien where the five musicians and their instruments serve as the canvas by projecting the video on them. The interaction between the projection, the instruments and the musicians is truly exciting. The musicians and the video were recorded in the studio Tonmeister in Mainz (Germany).

The musicians Kai Schumacher (Piano), Beril Sun (Violin 1), Tonja Demianenco (Violin 2), Amélie Legrande (Viola), Emanuel Wehse (Cello) and the seven–headed video team under the direction of Lukas Rinker did an amazing job bringing that awesome trailer to live. The new Dead Island Definite Collection contains enhanced editions of Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide together with all previously published DLC and patches for the two games, as well as the newly introduced retro game Dead Island Retro Revenge. It is playable for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. The collection comes with many great features as for example an enhanced resolution with 30 frames per second and an overworked user interface for a consistent look between Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide – and many more.

We don´t want to withhold the new Dead Island Reveal Trailer– Tribute anymore. Welcome to the holiday of your life. The dead never looked so alive:

If you want to learn more about Dead Island click here.

We want to say thank you to everybody who was involved in this great project. The collaboration was just wonderful.