Legend: Rising Empire


Legend: Rising Empire by NetEase Games, the massive building and tactical strategy game set in medieval times has been released for iOS and Android!


With music by Dynamedion including a lyrical vocal theme featuring Akina Ingold, Legend: Rising Empire becomes a far-away world of its own, an experience which players can fully immerse themselves in by putting on headphones and enjoying the lively, exciting and often relaxing atmosphere while raising their bustling, lively, mighty empire.

Enjoy listening to a few tracks from the game!

Tilman Sillescu, Composer


“Composing the soundtrack for such a beautiful, medieval fantasy setting such as in Legend: Rising Empire is always a special treat.

Laying the groundwork with orchestral music, the tracks have been complemented with medieval instruments such as flutes, celtic harps and lutes. This way the soundtrack helps the player to fully dive into the wonderful game world with all their senses.”

Legend: Rising Empire Gameplay Trailer