A low budget production doesn´t mean low quality. Dynamedion gives you a hand to realize your dream to implement your own AAA music and sound project.


Setting foot in the media industry can be a risky mission. You need to juggle with the budget while trying to keep your desired level of quality. Often enough it’s a decision between the one OR the other. We want to give you both: superior quality at a fair rate. Having started as indies ourselves, we know how important a good start is. That’s why we started our “WE LOVE INDIES” program to support you with advise, special rates and AAA music & sound. With 15 years of music and sound experience, Dynamedion supports you in all your concerns. Founder and Managing Director Pierre Langer reveals why our Indie Developers Program is a matter close to his heart:


“Indies are the heart and soul of the games and film industry. Innovation, crazy new ideas, cutting edge creativity and courage to revolutionize everything from scratch usually come from the indie side and not from the majors. That is why we love working with indie developers and producers as much as working on established AAA titles. It’s the two sides of this industry that makes our work more vibrant and exciting. With indies we can try out new things: we have a more direct handle to the final audio result and we can establish great personal relationships with people who live what they do.

Of course we are aware that the indie scene has different topics to handle and that budget plays an important role. We want to make sure that people are not scared by our track record, but inspired – that is why we started our „We Love Indies“ project: we want to work hands on on smaller projects, sharing our experience and offering an opportunity to have great audio even for smaller budgets. We are lucky enough to have a large and talented team that enjoys to work on all sorts of projects, so here we are: let us fall in love with your indie title!”

Pierre Langer (Dynamedion Founder and Managing Director)