Music Composition, Live Orchestra Recording & Sound Design for “ANNO 2205” by Ubisoft • BlueByte


Date : 2016-01-12

Dynamedion provides the full score, sound design, live recordings and audio management for the next episode of the epic real-time-strategy game series ANNO by UBISOFT / BlueByte.


UBISOFT has released ANNO 2205, the next episode of its very successful economic simulation game. Dynamedion contributed a wide spectrum of services to it.

For the soundtrack, Tilman Sillescu and his team of composers (Alex Röder, Jochen Flach, Matthias Wolf, Armin Haas) mixed classical scoring with modern electronic and minimalistic styles to capture the grand futuristic setting of the game. The orchestra recordings took place in Frankfurt/Oder with the Brandenburg State Orchestra and conductor Bernd Ruf. Singer Conny Kollet was recorded for the main theme. Furthermore our sound design team did the in-game sound design and audio integration / management.

ANNO 2205 is available for Windows PC.