Extreme racing game Gravel with sound recordings and sound effect post production by Dynamedion


Take your seats please and we will take you to Gravel’s off-road world tour.


Italian racing specialist Milestone  (best known for its MotoGP™ and MXGP and previous home of the WRC Rally Championship Series) has announced its new off-road racer Gravel with sound recordings and sound effect post production by Dynamedion.

Milestone  is currently working on its new racing game and additionally they created a new developer diary to give gamers a look at the upcoming title. Gravel will feature dynamic time-of-day and weather effects across a range of open environments around the world.

The off-road video game is due out on home consoles in early 2018. Meanwhile we are excited to learn more about the development process and enjoy watching the dev diary videos. The first developer diary discusses the tech behind the game, as well as some of the advantages that come with the Unreal Engine 4, such as the in game-audio.

We had the great pleasure to be part of this ultimate off-road experience and did some car recordings together with the audio department of Milestone in Italy.

Take 5 minutes of your time as we would like to show you the first dev diary video. Get a first impression of the amazing landscapes modeled with the Unreal Engine and learn more about the in-game audio.

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