With their lastest highly-anticipated release, Media Molecule makes Dreams come true. This counts for the players as well as for us, as we were involved in the development of this beautiful game.


Project: Dreams

Client: Media Molecule

We Did: Additional Sound Design, Audio Integration


We were mainly responsible for the internal sound library creation, recording and implementation of the sounds within the dreams universe – players can use those sounds to create their own soundscapes, music compositions, complex sequences and many more, which is pretty unique and elevates the player to be his own creative audio director. A lot of the sound sources provided in the game are based on our famous BOOM Library. These sound collections formed the foundation of our work and can even now be used by all players in Dreams to create their own unique sound universe. To provide a close hub to our Media Molecule friends in Guildford we involved our UK-partner The Noiseworks. We can’t wait to see and especially hear what players across the whole globe will create with Dreams.

Dreams is now available in the PlayStation Store.

Our involved team:
Outsource Lead Sound Designer: David Philipp
In-Game Library SFX: David Philipp, Byron Bullock, Felix Diekhake & Michael Schwendler
Implementation: David Philipp & Severin Schwarz

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