Music for Brawl Stars Character Draco

Composing the theme music for Draco in Brawl Stars


Project: Brawl Stars

Client: Supercell

We Did: Music Composition • Music Production


To celebrate the new Brawl Stars game character “Draco”, Dynamedion teamed up with Metalverse/Musical Bits to create a heavy metal in-game soundtrack called “Draco’s Flames”.

Draco, the new game character in the multiplayer mobile game Brawl Stars with over 1 billion downloads, is the game’s first legendary Brawler to wield a guitar and with Draco’s love for heavy metal, extreme sports and “Dungeons & Dragons”, the in-game soundtrack “Draco’s Flames” is the perfect musical accompaniment. The song was written by Dynamedion’s Armin Haas and was then fully produced with help of Musical Bits’ AI driven composing and production tools.

Draco’s Song

Pierre Langer, Co-Founder of Dynamedion, says:

“Game music has its own unique value, that strongly links the players emotions to the gaming experience. So, creating an original song for Draco as an ingame character was really exciting. In the past 25 years, we have created quite a few virtual bands for games, but always analog to digital. This time, we had the exceptional chance to get to a new level of immersion, by creating AI powered instrumentalists, playing their instruments like a musician would in real life, while being completely virtual.”

Stefan Schmidt, Metalverse and Musical Bits CEO, comments:

“Musical Bits’ Production Assistance Tools have been used to generate Drumbeats, Rhythm Guitars and Choirs based on the composition of Dynamedion Composer Armin Haas. Given the song structure, the chords and the fully produced medieval instruments, Drums, Guitars and Choirs have been generated automatically out of AI models that have been trained, annotated and developed by musicians of the Musical Bits team over the last 2 years. The lead vocals have been recorded and produced “old-school” by a real singer singing with his real voice.
Drako was interpreted as a young metalhead, enthuthiastic about metal in general and his own guitar in particular. There is not too much dynamics in this stay of metal, it is just about fast and faster, loud and louder and high and higher, and we tried to push composition, melodies, vocals and production in this very positive “over-the-top”-attitude that is the definition of powerful heavy metal. Draco is pure power metal! Together with the heroic, 100% human made lead vocals, Draco’s Flames is a great example of how technical tools can help to bring a great human composition to full production readiness  – Have no Fear, Draco will be near!”

Armin Haas, Dynamedion Composer, adds:

“For me as a composer, it is vital that the creative part of a composition stays human, even if the result is designed to appear in a 100% digital computer game. Draco’s Flames reveals its own very special energy with the interaction of men and machine and the result is fantastic.”

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